------------Noise in Silent Rooms
We were all explaining the world to someone.
Parents hid in eaves, old lovers poked their noses
Through the bars of radiators, the steamy lines
Of past entries in secret journals;
Taxi wit, d鰡rt饼, were all we carried home
From parties to which we were not invited
As we passed the time in empty rooms
Increasingly large and full of voices.
Tired of fighting silence
Silently, we issued bulletins that set things straight,
Told our stories correctly, rivaled the papers
In immediacy and suppressed only the fact
There was no one to deliver them.
Peacefully, stormily, we drowned in initiative.
Captains of underbrush, masters of vast fields
Of twisted roots and tangled flowers,
Profligate blossoms of aimless hours
That no one wished to pick.
Forced gardeners, teachers in search of students,
We were whisperers
Who yearned again for a life of rows.
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